Welcome to Wasik's

Specialists in ripening, selecting and serving quality cheeses since 1964.

As proprietors of one of the busiest and oldest full-service cheese counters in the country, the Wasik family has quietly and dutifully set the standard for serving the highest caliber of cheese in the industry. Located in Wellesley, Massachusetts, The Cheese Shop (known to the locals as Wasik’s) is an old-time family business where cheeses are nurtured and matured under proper conditions, selected for and matched to our customer’s needs, and cut to order at the time of sale to insure freshness.

While our primary intent is to serve as the neighborhood’s source of the finest gourmet cheeses and other specialty foods--such as olive oil, vinegar, sea salt, coffee, tea, preserves, chocolate, chutney, charcuterie, and caviar--the demand for our cheese selections and gift baskets has grown nationwide. With this website, we aim to meet this growing demand with the same individual attention we have shown our customers in our store for almost a half a century. 

The Wasik Family
Steve, Carol, Chrissy, Brian, and Brad

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