Curing Cellar

Much to do has been made over “cheese caves” of late. While some newcomers to the cheese industry may think this is a novelty or a recent development in purveying cheese, we have never made a big stink (pardon the pun) over our curing facility. Quite frankly, we have always assumed that curing cheeses in the appropriate conditions and bringing them to their optimum stage of ripeness before sale is not expected only of us, but of any proper cheese shop.

Our ripening cellar was obtained from Dietz’s Bar in Waltham in 1966. Roughly 3,000 cubic feet, this old wooden barroom refrigerator contains the ideal amount of airflow and humidity to serve as a perfect environment in which to nurture cheese. Since it was acquired over 40 years ago, it has served as the temporary home to countless ripening wheels of cheese. Every workday begins with a check of the curing cellar --flipping, rotating, squeezing, plugging, and deciding which cheeses are ready for sale.

Controlling the natural ripeness of cheese under proper conditions to achieve complete fermented bliss is called “affinage.” As second-generation cheesemongers and affinuers, Brad and I have accumulated years of experience, knowledge, and trucs in the lessons passed down from our father. We spend a lot of time procuring the right cheeses to nurture in our cellar and are very proud of every piece that leaves through our front door. We hope you enjoy. 

S. Brian Wasik
Cheesemonger, Cellar Manager