About Wasik's

The Wasik family has been immersed in the cheese business since 1964 and today they are the proprietors of one of the oldest, busiest and foremost knowledgeable full-service cheese counters in the country.

The Past:

Wasik Family

Steve Wasik embarked on his cheese career during his childhood years by working in his hometown cheese shop.  From sweeping floors in those early years to becoming Vice President of Cheese Shop International, an influential franchise in the early 60's through late the 70's that help introduce the American market to European cheeses, Mr. Wasik has become one of the countries eminent authorities on all things related to the cheese business (making cheeses, importing cheeses, procuring cheeses, maturing and ripening cheeses, marketing and selling cheeses, etc.).   In an effort to spend more time with his children and after a life of traveling to procure cheeses and other specialty food items and training owners and staff members across the country for the over 120 stores within his franchise, Steve and his wife Carol opened their own independent store at the  Wellesley, Massachusetts location in 1979.

The Present:

Today the Wasik family quietly and dutifully sets the standard for serving the highest caliber of cheese in the industry. For over thirty years the Wasik family has gone about their business with such a devotion and passion that their cheese counter, which has really become their home, has grown famous for the quality of the product that sits behind it and the notoriously long lines that form in front of it.

All cheeses are procured from the best sources and then matured under the proper conditions in The Cheese Shop's cellar until they are ready for sale.  Customers are encouraged to sample before each purchase ask as many questions as possible.

Customers of Wasik's Cheese Shop say the atmosphere in the shop reminds them of days gone by. At The Cheese Shop patrons are still called by name, incredible service is catered to each individuals' needs, and multiple generations within the same families pop in all week to shop for their provisions.   It is a small jovial place where the floors creek, the refrigeration units are literally antiques and during busy times customer's sales are still tallied on the bag in pencil.  The air is always filled with smells of beautifully pungent aromas, and noises of laughter, recipe swapping and culinary advice.

The Future:

This small, old-school "Mom and Pop" business in now bolstered by both of the Wasik's sons, Brian and Brad.  While Brian has taken the reins on the cheese end of the business by working with cheese makers, cheese importers and becoming the cheese buyer, Brad has made huge strides in bringing this old world shop up to speed and developing www.wasiks.com where the Wasik's ship cheese baskets and hand-picked cheese selections across the country.  But like all small family businesses each member of the entire family wears many hats and can be found answering the phones and sweeping the floors.

Curing Cellar

Much to do has been made over "cheese caves" of late. While some newcomers to the cheese industry may think this is a novelty or a recent development in purveying cheese, the cheese shop has never made a big stink (pardon the pun) over their curing facility. Quite frankly, they have always believed that curing cheeses in the appropriate conditions and bringing them to the optimum stage of ripeness before sale is expected of any proper cheese shop.

Wasik's ripening cellar was obtained from Dietz's Bar in Waltham in 1966. Roughly 3,000 cubic feet, this old wooden barroom refrigerator contains the ideal amount of airflow and humidity to serve as a perfect environment in which to nurture cheese. Since it was acquired over 40 years ago, it has served as the temporary home to countless ripening wheels of cheese. Every workday begins with a check of the curing cellar --flipping, rotating, squeezing, plugging, and deciding which cheeses are ready for sale.

Controlling the natural ripeness of cheese under proper conditions to achieve complete fermented bliss is called "affinage." As second-generation cheesemongers and affinuers, Brian and Brad have accumulated years of experience, knowledge, and trucs in the lessons passed down from their father. They spend a lot of time procuring the right cheeses to nurture in the  store's cellar and are very proud of every piece that leaves through our front door.

Shipping Information

  • We ship all of our cheeses nationwide through UPS

  • For suggested Gift Package ideas we simply add the cost of UPS shipping fees to the cost of your Gift Package Selections
  • Every perishable item shipped outside of New England and New York (this means every State besides Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maine, and New York) MUST BE SHIPPED SECOND-DAY SERVICE, or we cannot guarantee its arrival in terrific condition. Next Day service is also available.
  • Due to the highly perishable nature of many of our products, we must ship any order from our store on a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. Local or Next Day service orders can be shipped on Thursdays.
  • Though we try our hardest to meet every customers needs, we can obviously not guarantee delivery on certain days due to weather and other unforeseeable events.
  • Carry-Out Gift Boxes, Gift Baskets, and Gift Bags can also be accommodated given ample time to have them prepared. If you wish to select items other than our suggestions, simply grab a basket in our store and build your own assortment.